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Woman Finds Herself Trapped in an Insurance Loophole

Facing bankruptcy and possibly losing her house, Joann Swan is now physically healthy, but financially she is anything but. Although a Florida resident, Swan was visiting her daughter in Virginia when she became ill. It was a matter of very bad timing, as she had decided to upgrade her insurance and was in the process of transitioning from one plan to another when she was struck with appendicitis. Finding herself in the hospital with a burst appendix, she incurred over $100,000 in medical bills which her new insurance is refusing to pay based on it being a “prexisting condition.” Questioning how a burst appendix can be a prexisting condition, she is trying to fight the denial. Unfortunately, since it happened in Virginia, Florida officials say its a Virginia matter. But since she is a Florida resident, Virginia is passing the matter off to Florida. This is definitly a sign of a broken system. What would you do in Swan’s case? What recourse does she have?


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