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Winners and Losers in the Health Care Reform Movement

Florida’s largest health insurance companies know that things are going to be changing, and soon. The days of underwriting, charging exorbanately high premium,  and denying claims may be coming to an end if our new president has his way. Barack Obama has vowed to alter the very basic structure of the way health care is delivered and paid for, lowering costs, increasing availablity, and placing health care in the reach of all Americans. This will not come easily, nor without a price. The current system has been laregly profitable for health insurance companies such as Blue Cross and United Healthcare. These companies, while hopeful to see positive changes in the health insurance industry, are leery of the costs the reform will have upon their bottom line. While Americans may come out as winners in this battle, industry leaders may be set to lose. How big of an impact will Obama’s reforms have on the health insurance industry as we know it? How long will it take to change the structure of our health care system? Is it even possible to fight these corporate giants?

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