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What is Good For Business May Be Costly to You

People at the mercy of private insurance companies, those who are self employeed or cannot acquire coverage from a large company, are at a distinct disadvantage. Not only do they face higher premiums and the issue of pre-existing conditions not being covered, they also face a greater risk of having their claims denied. Such was the case for a young woman who, after having surgery to clear her of possible ovarian cancer, was denied payment of the claim due to a lack of disclosure over a prevous condition. While the condition was minor and in no way related to her current condition, the insurance company claimed that she was not forthcoming in her application and should would not be covered for any gynocological condition. While this seems terribly unfair to the average person, the insurance companies just regard this as good business practice. What do you think is right in this situation? To read more about her case, click here. And for affordable insurance and free advice, click here.

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