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Walgreens to Adapt to Changing Times

As prescription drug sales slow and competition rises, Walgreens is planning an overhaul of their stores to cut costs and change the way it fills prescriptions. Typically, drug stores are the last to feel the sting of economic down turns, but it seems that more Americans are trying to stretch their paychecks by skimping on filling prescriptions, and some simply cannot afford them at all. The company is looking at the possibility of more uninsured Americans gaining coverage after the election, which would lead to a shortage of primary care physicians. Their Take Care Clinics would serve as a valuable and profitable venue for people to receive these primary care needs while easing the burden on the limited number of primary physicians. They are also looking at changing the layout of their stores to make them less cluttered and more user friendly, and moving slower moving prescription drugs to a central facility, where it would be filled overnight. They are also wanting to utilize call centers, instead of local stores, for the filling of prescriptions, leaving pharmacists to have more time with customers in the store. These changes are taking place in 150 stores in Florida, and they are working to revamp the entire state by the end of next year. Will Walgreens continue to succeed in the new days of health care? Will other similar stores be able to adapt as well?


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