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Too Big To Fail?

Health insurance giant AIG has an interesting position in the nation’s marketplace. Given that the company also owns one of the world’s largest aircraft leasing businesses, International Lease Financing. If AIG were to fail, it would also drag down a pillar in the aircraft business community, which would have massive repercutions in the global economy. For this reason, the US government continues to pump money into the company, rationalizing their rescue efforts in a manner similar to the treatment of Citigroup Inc., that the company is too massive to be allowed to fail. If such a large company went under, it would hurt too many people in too great a way, not just in our nation, but globally as well. This has not changed the angry reactions from a number of lawmakers and average Americans however. Do you think the government is helping with the bailouts, or are they actually hurting America in the long run by trying to protect these companies?

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