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Tobacco Sales Feeling the Hit

Smokers have already dealt with a steady, but small increase in the cost of cigarettes, but never before has there been such a dramatic hike in prices as they are experiencing now. In order to fund the expanded SCHIP program, which provides health insurance to many children who would otherwise be without, Obama initiated a tax increase at the federal level. Florida smokers will find that compounded soon with an expected state tax increase. Many sellers are getting a jump on the increase and have already raised prices accordingly. For some retailers, the price of cigarettes has gone up roughly $7 a carton practically overnight. Many smokers are unhappy about the price change and are pledging to quit, and sellers are unhappy that they are losing money and dealing with grumbling customers. Will the tobacco industry really be damaged by the efforts to extend health care to more of the nation’s children, or will the addictive substance still win out regardless of the cost?

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