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Many Texas senior citizens rely on Medicare for their health care coverage, but their entrance to and choice of physicians is now in solemn peril because of a coming steep cut to the physicians who concern for them.
Unless Congress acts, on June 1 Texas physicians will be punch with a 21 percent disbursement cut for the care of seniors, forcing many to make difficult decisions about treating Medicare patients. In fact, a topical familiar AMA poll found that 68 percent of physicians nationwide say they will be enforced to limit their heed for Medicare patients in the stir of this year’s cut. Care for military families is also at menace, as their government Texas health insurance curriculum,  ties its compensation rates to Medicare.

Texas has a below-average patient-to-physician ratio, and recently landed on an AMA list of 21 “Patient admission Hot Spots” where patients already face harms getting physician concern. At the same time, 40 percent of Texas’ working physicians are over age 50 â?? the age at which many physicians believe in dipping the number of patients they care for. Couple these facts with the threatening 21 percent cut, and access and choice of physician will be significantly diminished for the more than three million seniors, disabled and military families in Texas who rely on Medicare.Already, concerning one in four seniors nationwide looking for a new primary care physician has dilemma finding one, according to Congress’ suggested body for Medicare. This doesn’t even acquire into account the fast imminent wave of baby boomers that begin aging into Medicare next year.

Only the U.S. Congress can stop this looming Medicare meltdown. Permanent revoke of the broken reimbursement formula that creates this enormous cut will conserve access to care for Texas’ Medicare and patients. This is the only way to fix the problem once and for all before the baby boomers begin to use Medicare in droves. Congress’ prior efforts to stop annual cuts used budgeting gimmicks that have amplified the size of future cuts and the cost of a permanent fix.

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