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Abbott’s re-election bumper stickers and T-shirts are a mixture of the Gadsden flag from the American rebellion, the official state close and Abbott’s possess campaign statement. The yellow sticker features a rattlesnake wrapped approximately a capital A and the words: Don’t Tread on Me.
Abbott said, “It really is a link with the main issue of our time. It is the subject of the federal administration encroaching into our lives extra than any time in my lifetime”. “We want to drive a message that we are fraction of the procedure of annoying to take our country back from this supreme overreach.”
From Abbott’s state office, he has led Texas into lawsuits challenging the federal Environmental defense Agency, Gulf of Mexico oil drilling bans and the Texas health insurance law. Abbott also has sided with Arizona in a friend of the court short next to the Obama management on the state’s right to pass a rule cracking down on unlawful immigration.
Abbott’s Democratic opponent, Houston attorney Barbara Ann Radnofsky, said the two-term legal representative general has used taxpayer money to “pander” to the right division of his social gathering to win election with “show” or “concept” lawsuits.
“The idea lawsuit is one that doesn’t do us any high-quality but makes Mr. Abbott’s political place very clear,” Radnofsky said.
She was particularly serious of Abbott for injecting Texas into the defense of the Arizona immigration rule, allowing for that he told the Texas Legislature in a 2007 opinion that immigration issues fit in to the federal administration.

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