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Smokers cause health insurance costs to rise

Smokers cannot save Florida from its economic crisis. Each family in ceFlorida pays nearly $700 a year in taxes to cover the states massive Medicaid burden caused by smoking related illnesses. Health insurance companies blame smokers for the unreasonable and costly co-pays and deductibles these taxes are paid by everyone even the nonsmokers. The raised cigarette prices are not sufficient enough to pay for the states deficit. However, my thoughts are that every penny helps. According to Robert Weissert or Tax Watch revenue for the new tobacco tax or user free could help pay for the stateĆ¢??s health care needs and cut down the cost on health insurance. The tax would provide more funds for the additional doctors and nurses that are needed in Florida to take care of older population. What are your thoughts? Will the new tobacco taxes make health insurance more affordable and will the tax help with the Medicare burden?

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