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Small Florida Hospital To Be Saved By Health Insurance Giant

There are three main hospitals in Monroe County, or the Florida Keys, including the Mariners, Fishermen’s and Lower Keys Medical Center. Fisherman’s has suffered a deficit in the number of active physicians, which has led to a fewer patients and smaller revenues. Florida health insurance experts feel that the hospital is a high quality facility which would be quite successful with an increase in the number of Doctors on staff. Babtist Health of South Florida has signed a letter of intent to take over the small hospital and forseeably make it into the success it should be. The hospital has suffered low occupency and weak finances which leads many to ask if the Middle Keys really needs a hospital. Experts say yes, but that the focus will need to shift to acute and emergency care. When these areas are improved, the finances should improve as well. Do you think Babtist can save this struggling facility?  What health insurance carriers take the Mayo Clinic?  Check it out here!

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