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Programs Saved by Stimulus

It has been no secret that Florida Governor Charlie Crist was 100% behind Obama in regards to his recent stimulus package. Others have voiced their approval, such as Democratic Senator from Hallandale Beach, FL, Eleanor Sobel. She asserts that the stimulus saved a number of public health programs such as The Medically Needy, a program which helps high health risk poor people, such as those with organ transplants. This program was facing the chopping block prior to the stimulus package, due to a lack of needed funds, but now it can continue to help. The healthcare industry is still fearful however that Medicaid will be trimmed by the Republican dominated legislature, which would result in less reimbursement to medical providers for Medcaid members receiving treatment. Do you think that the stimulus package will truly be able to help in the long run, or is it only a temporary band-aid which may cause bigger problems in the future?

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