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Presidential Nominees Hone in on Florida’s Small Businesses

After the fame of “Joe the Plumber,” which resounded among Americans as the epitome of the average American small business owner, both Presidential candidates have been focused on convincing America that they are the best choice for the economic future of our country. McCain capitalized on the Joe Plumber fame by touring Central Florida with a number of small business representatives such as Gary the Dentist and Jim the Produce Stand Owner to show his connection with small business America. Obama has also referred to lowering taxes for this group. In South Florida, 98 percent of companies are small businesses such as these, meaning that they are a very powerful majority. When it comes to healthcare, they have two very different approaches. Obama is offering a tax credit to small businesses to encourage them to offer health coverage to their employees. This would support the long standing employer based healthcare system. McCain on the other hand wants to tax employer provided health benefits and alternatly offer individual and family tax credits to encourage people to aqcuire an individual plan. This would be a definite move away from the employer based health insurance system. Which tactic do you think will resound best among Florida’s small businesses?


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