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Pay for Performance Catalyst and Workplace Productivity in US

More than half of all Americans survey believes they would be more creative if they had a superior interest in the companies that employ them through benefits such as profit sharing, according to the latest review from employeesâ?? solutions leader. The findings are part of the Kelly Global Workforce Index, which obtained the views of approximately 134,000 people, including almost 13,000 in the United States.

The survey found 25 percent of workers are currently in an arrangement where some of their pay is tied to performance targets. Gen X employees are much more likely to be receiving performance-based pay than Gen Y aged will be 18-29 or those in the Baby Boomer generation and aged 48-65. Men are also more frequently in performance pay plans than women.
However, of that not in receipt of performance pay, almost a third says they would be more creative if their earnings were associated to performance outcomes, particularly Gen Y and males.

Additionally, the survey found there is strong support for employers taking a more proactive role in improving the health of their workforce, with 84 percent saying that employer-provided group health insurance initiatives should be part of their employment package.
Kelly Services Executive Vice President and General Manager Mike Webster say that there is a high degree of interest from employees in having a piece of their compensation tied to the financial presentation of their employers.

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