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Outcry to Fix KidCare

The Florida KidCare Program was designed to provide health insurance benefits on a sliding scale to parents who could not acquire coverage for their children through their own means. While the program is not free, and is based on income and need, a large part of the program will be paid for through SCHIP funds. The problem with the program in the past however, has been Florida legislation which placed roadblocks on enrollment in order to save money. There are a massive number of children eligible for assistance, but were prevented from enrolling due to beauracratic barriers. Because the federal government matches state dollars, critics are crying out over the wasted potential of the program. Now that Obama has authorized even more funds for the SCHIP program, experts feel that Florida needs to take advantage of the match and come up with the money to take full advantage of the program and help as many children as possible. Will Florida do what is right for the children, or will cost continue to be a barrier?

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