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Other Florida Universities to Get On Board?

While Florida State University is currently the only Florida University which requires students to carry health insurance before enrolling for classes, other schools may be looking to jump on the bandwagon. At Florida Atlantic University, roughly 30% of students seeking care at the university’s health clinic do not have health insurance. This means that any treatment they need for anything serious must come out of their own, or their parents’ pockets, or may be out of the question altogether. This often has an impact on drop out rates, a problem which school officials hope to address by looking at a mandatory health insurance policy among their students. This university, as well as other Florida universities, are considering enforcing the same rule as Florida State University by requiring students to have health insurance before allowing them to enroll in classes. Some feel this will improve the situation, others fear that this will prevent many students from attending the university in the first place. What do you think is the right answer?

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