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Health Insurance Options When You Are Unemployed

The rise in unemployment is leading to an increase in the already high unemployment rate in Florida. So what are your options when you find yourself without a job and without health insurance? Frighteningly, roughly half of the unemployed are simply remaining uninsured. This can be an especially dangerous gamble if yourself or a family member is hit with a medical crisis, in which case financial crisis will be soon to follow. Experts encourage folks, even if times are tough, to seek coverage through COBRA or an individual plan if you can get it. Also, if neither of those options are available, you may qualify for a government provided plan such as Medicaid, even if not for yourself, than at least for your children. The bottom line is that times may be tough, but they would be much tougher if you were left with mounting medical bills which you could not pay. Do you think people should find a way to pay for health insurance, even if they are struggling to pay for food?

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