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Ohio takes on new staff to expand health services

A free healthcare clinic in Ohio has taken on new members of staff so that they can treat more patients. The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland has been treating patients without dental insurance for some time now; however, recently, the clinic has expanded and is now welcoming more patients through the door than ever before. It is estimated that staff are now helping around 140 patients per week.

The clinic targets those who have no insurance and patients who have policies which only cover basic treatments; currently, the number of people without both health insurance in Ohio and dental insurance is extremely high in the USA and thousands of people are putting off going for treatment because they cannot afford the associated costs.The clinic offers routine treatments, including examinations and dental X-rays, as well as preventative treatments; recently, the clinic has also teamed up with a local dentist who is offering veneers. Patients can also benefit from emergency treatment.

Samir Ridha, the health director at the clinic, said that the clinic was now helping more people than ever before and new members of staff have enabled them to increase the range of treatments available to patients. They hope to continue helping those in need and are looking to expand further in the future.

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