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Objectives of Health Programs

Employersâ?? efforts to get their staff to shed unneeded pounds, stop smoking and otherwise get better their health are probable to be unsuccessful unless wellness programs are considered and implemented properly, a new research brief says.
The objective of these programs, of course, is an attempt to stem increasing health-care expenses. Employers have called their workersâ?? poor health habits a grave challenge to keeping those costs in check.
Researchers at the Center for Studying Health System Change reviewed the literature and interviewed dozens of experts, and finally concluded that â??return on savings for wellness initiatives is unsure, chiefly for one-size-fits-all programs purchased from vendors with small straight employer participation.â?
Some of the takeaways from the report:
â?¢Â Â Â  Programs that consist health risk evaluation and web-based â??letâ??s shape up!â? tools, with no modified follow-up such as health education, are the most likely to fail.
â?¢Â Â Â  Senior leaders need to â??communicate clearly with workers about common goals and tasks of health and wellness.â?
â?¢Â Â Â  Communicate the workers to stop smoking or lose weight arenâ??t likely to produce lasting results.
â?¢Â Â Â  Monetary incentives to transform performance are apparent as necessary, but there are exceptions â?? some successful programs instead use non-monetary incentives such as â??corporate and peer recognition.â?
â?¢Â Â Â  Any savings in wellness programs will likely take â??many yearsâ? to pay off, if it ever does.
â?¢Â Â Â  Finally, â??the confirmation to date suggests that the gains from wellness programs are too unsure to give good reason for broad taxpayer-supported subsidies.â?

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