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North Carolina unveils suggestion to help miniature businesses

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – Gov. Beverly Perdue on Friday released a $17 million business proposal of small business initiatives she wants state lawmakers to pass, saying the package would help protect the backbone of North Carolina health insurance, economy process and accelerate recovery.

Perdue, who unveiled her list in downtown Asheville, wants legislators returning to work next month to support or expand about a dozen tax incentives, grants and other provisions. They want the state to guarantee a portion of federal small business loans and expand on her executive order giving favorable management to North Carolina firms seeking state contracts.

According to Perdue, small businesses are chief driver in our economic recovery. Supporting small businesses means supporting jobs for North Carolinians. About $10 million of the package would be in the form of tax relief, Perdue spokeswoman Chrissy Pearson said.

The governor wants lawmakers to give favorable capital gains treatment for the founding interests on a company, revive a tax credit for small businesses that provide health insurance to lower-income workers and offer a tax break for their equipment purchases.

The North Carolina episode of the National Federation of Independent Business said Friday it supports Perdue’s ideas.

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