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Health is the most precious factor for us than all other factors. So people are getting more aware of the importance of having good health. But our life is full of uncertainties and good or bad surprises. We do get sick or get ourselves involve in accidents. With the rising cost it becomes very complicated to pay hospital fees, laboratories and doctors’ fees. That is the situation where health insurance could benefit us all. Yes, health insurance may cost a lot but having no health insurance at all cost more. Health insurance could help you pay for the cost of regular medical checkups, surgeries and even emergency treatments.
Basically, there are two types of health insurance plans, the indemnity plan and the managed care plan. Indemnity plan is also called the fee for service plan. This plan covers the hospital and laboratory expenses and provides other medical services. But, this plan doesn’t pay for the entire charges; instead the insured shoulders the 20 % of the payment. So this kind of plan covers only illnesses and accidents. But Managed Care Health insurance differs from the indemnity plan in a lot of ways. This type of plan is limited to only those who have contracts with the HMO -Health Maintenance Organization and medical services are received only if authorized by the plan.

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