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Need To Have Georgia Health Insurance

Women have very special, specific medical needs, and it is important for them to have adequate Georgia health insurance benefits. The American Medical Association has specific screenings and exams that they recommend that women have regularly. Even affordable Georgia health insurance policies will usually cover these necessary medical services. In fact, once the health reform acts have gone fully into effect in the next few years, all Georgia health insurance policies will include benefits for preventive services, and recommended screenings.
Under the category of preventive services are annual breast cancer screenings, as well as cervical cancer screenings. This is done through what is commonly referred to as a Pap smear, and is recommended once a female reaches the age of 21, or becomes sexually active. The Pap test has done a tremendous amount to reduce the incidences of cervical cancer. This exam is supposed to be an annual checkup.
Mammograms have recently come under discussion by the medical association, as well as Georgia health insurance company representatives. For the past several years, mammograms have been recommended starting with a baseline at age 35, and then annually starting at age 40. Recently, there has been debate regarding whether the age needs to be pushed back. However, at this time, mammograms are covered by most Georgia health insurance policies at the old guidelines.
It is recommended that women over the age of 65 have bone density tests, to check on their risk of osteoporosis. Colonos copies are recommended for women once they reach age 50, and then every ten years. These medical services are often included as preventive services in most Georgia health insurance policies.

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