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Motorcycle Insurance

The Express Insurance included online movement has been built about the motorcycle sector and is meant at attractive directly with bike fanatics from end to end social media.

Tamarâ??s work with Express Insurance will strengthen the brandâ??s status as the â??first-call solutionâ? for motorbike insurance by reaching out straight to the motorcycling communities to put up conversations, appointment and status.

Tamar has optimized the brandâ??s presence on social media such as Twitter, Face book and YouTube, as well as rising new content that is on brand, on message, shareable and eye-catching. The organization will work with Express Insurance to deliver every day, fresh content subject that works across social media.

Express Insurance sponsorâ??s British star rider Shane â??Shakeyâ? Byrne and the movement features sole and present YouTube footage of his rides. Express YouTube as well features select videos from motorbike racing fan and Kerrang Radio DJ, Luke Wilkins.
On Facebook, Express Insurance is hosting a photograph competition, backed by Moto magazine with the top prizes as well as bike gear and a photograph lesson with a world well-known motocross photographer.

Tony Way, Managing Director at Express Insurance, comments: â??Our clients know that we bring the best insurance solutions and we desire to make bigger that to the whole motorcycle community through Tamarâ??s expertise in online advertising integration.â?
Tanya Goodin, CEO of Tamar, comments: â??Express Insurance is the â??go-toâ?? brand for motorbike insurance and they wish for to make out to motorbike fanatics via social media. Citizens don’t get excited discussion about insurance only, but they do get excited about discussion bikes. Weâ??re pleased to be functioning with a brand that understands the reach of social media.â?

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