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Most people vote down health insurance rules in Missouri

Voters in Missouri affirmed overwhelming opposition last week to the federal government requiring nearly all Americans to purchase health insurance. The vote set no legally binding precedent, but will help assemble foes of President Barack Obama’s agenda in the fall midterm elections.

That could make dissimilarity in states with seal congressional races Michigan will have at least two which could in revolve shape the balance of power in Washington. In Missouri, 71% of voters said yes to a state measure to bar the government from requiring people to take group health insurance, and penalizing those who don’t. That approach is at the heart of the federal health care law that Obama signed in March, to take effect in 2014.

There’s little chance that Missouri can wall itself off from the insurance requirement, since federal law usually supersedes state law. But sponsors of the ballot measure were looking for send a message. “It will help rally people who oppose the Obama administration to go to the polls in the fall elections,” said Robert Blendon, a Harvard public health school professor who tracks opinion on health care. “It shows the debate is still alive, and that’s what the sponsors wanted to do.”

At least two other states Arizona and Oklahoma already have comparable measures on the ballot in November. Meantime, the annual report from the trustees of Medicare came out Thursday, presentation the system of national health care for the elderly is in better form because of Obama’s sweeping health care overhaul and will hang about afloat a dozen years longer than previous projected.

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