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Medicare Fraud Continues in South Florida

South Florida continues to be the hot bed of Medicare fraud as three more doctors were arrested over the past weekend in relation to millions of dollars in false claims involving obsolete HIV therapy. Physicians Carmen Lourdes del Cueto, 65; Roberto Rodriguez, 54; and Carlos Garrido, 69 are being held under accusations of submitting $10 million in fraudulent claims for therapies that either were not given or were not needed for HIV therapy. They also being charged with money laundering in the amount of $5 million from payments made by the federal government over the last four years. The physicians and their assistants are suspected of offering kickbacks to their patients for allowing the facility to use their Medicare policy #’s to submit the false claims. Other doctors were involved and are being held for falsifying documents and manipulating blood samples. How far reaching are the effects of these cases of fraud? In times such as these when budgets are tight and funds are limited, how can Florida afford these fraudulent activities? Is there a better way to prevent them from occurring?

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