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Medicaid Insurance Plan Among Budget Cuts

As the economy continues to suffer a down turn, every sector of our government is looking for ways to tighten up the budget and cut costs. Unfortunately, this means that many programs designed to assist the less fortunate will be suffering cuts. Medicaid insurance plans is no exception. It seems especially unfair that at a time when more and more people qualify for the assistance, given the dramatic rise in unemployment across the country, that the budget for such programs will allow much fewer benefits for those who need it. This will most likely lead to more and more people using the Emergency Rooms for care and not be able to pay their bills, which will lead to hospitals being forced to cut costs and possibly lay off their employees, and on an on. It is a vicious cycle, one thing affecting another thing, and so on. As the dominos continue to fall, where do you think all of this will lead? And is their an end in sight?

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