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Medicaid is Pushed To the Limit and Beyond

In Florida, nearly two and a half residents depend on a government provided health care known as Medicaid. Unfortunately, as the economy suffers and more people find themselves without a job, without health insurance, and looking to the government for assistance, the budget for these programs is being pushed to the limit, and beyond. Medicaid is available to those in a very low income bracket, but more and more Floridians are finding themselves in that bracket. That leaves fewer tax payers to bear the burden of a greater number of dependents. The scales are tipping too rapidly in the wrong direction leaving too many people in need and not enough funds to care for them. It looks to be a dangerous slide. What is the solution? Higher taxes on those who are working, forcing them to carry the weight of the recession? Higher taxes on items like cigarettes? Where is the money going to come from?


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