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Low Cost Individual Health Insurance Plans

There is continuous rising of costs of medical care, so there is need to spend some time learning about how medical insurance rates are calculated and why these rates go up. There are ways to get low cost individual health insurance. One of the best ways to get affordable health insurance quotes is to go to a free insurance quote website. There you can get competitive quotes from up to 5 health insurance providers so you can compare plans and prices. After you have your quotes, you need to look closely at the policies and decide which one is the best for you. There are three types of health insurance with the lowest cost.

HMO- Health Maintenance Organization is the cheapest of all health plans. This plan is made up of a network of doctors and hospitals put together by your insurance provider. Doctor visits are covered under this plan but usually have a small copayment. PPO- Preferred Provider Organization is the next level of managed health care. It is very similar to the HMO health plan but you have the option of seeing a doctor that is not in the network. Doctors and hospital visits outside of the network do come with an added charge. POS-Point of Service plans is the most expensive of the three managed care plans. This plan has the most options and consequently comes with a higher price. You may also visit doctors and hospitals outside of the network with this plan.

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