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International Insurance Policies

Inflation in the healthcare industry is exceptionally high. It erodes the value of the currency in our pocket, and affects our quality of life. However, inflation runs at different rates in different areas of the economy. For those who have identified that they need an international policy, it’s time to look at what additional areas of care and cover may need to be paid for. For example, those who live in a nation with very poor basic medical infrastructure and who would therefore need to move country for comprehensive care, evacuation or repatriation coverage may be necessary.

Such add ons are nothing if not expensive – and yet for some they will literally make the difference between life and death. In assessing what you may need, you need to look at what level of care and service is available to you locally in your new nation. It may be absolutely obvious that you will need additional insurance to cover your transportation in-nation or internationally if treatment centers are rudimentary or sparsely located. One of the benefits of choosing an international policy over a local one is that most international insurers do offer you a no claims discount annually. However, this can be negated by their renewal costs!

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