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Insurers Deny Applicants for Litany of Ailments

Chances are, even if your ailment is a relatively common one, if you attempt to apply for an individual health insurance policy, you will be denied. A long list of conditions will result in an automatic decline from underwriters. Of course serious conditions like diabetes and hurt disease are a no brainer, but even less severe things like gallstones, acne, arthritis, and those who are on medication for psychological conditions or sleep problems. It seems that the only people able to acquire a policy are the ones in perfect health which pose very little risk to insurers. Unfortunately in Florida, where many people are employed by small businesses who cannot offer a group policy, they are subject to this underwriting process. This is contributing to the millions of Floridians without health insurance. Will we see a change in the nature of this system before people with health insurance become the minority?

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