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Insurance Industry Affects Midwife Profession

In Florida, where there are roughly 110 midwives, their future remains unceratin due to certain misconceptions about the practice circulated by the insurance industry. While low-risk births are equally safe, if not more so, with a midwife as opposed to in a hospital, the prevailing sentiment in recent years is that hospitals are the only safe place to deliver. Midwives assert that the myths created by insurance companies, that deliveries are only safe when performed in the hospital, have put a major damper on their profession. In Florida, midwives are required to carry malpractice insurance and are fully licensed, and the need for medical intervention among low risk births delivered in the home was actually much lower than for in hospital deliveries.  Midwives must pay a large amount of money to carry the malpractice insurance, although they charge much less for their services than hospitals do. Additionally, insurance providers such as Medicaid and Medicare are cutting their reimbursements and demanding discounts. These expenses often make it difficult for midwives to keep a practice going. Do you think that this profession will be phased out completely?

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