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Hospice Care for Florida Children Difficult to Come By

A study released by the University of Florida shows that a very small percentage of Florida children with terminal illnesses were able to access hospice care in the last months of their lives. The study pointed toward the methods of reimbursement from health insurance as the cause of difficulty in receiving this type of care, as physicians have to definitively state that children are in the last six months of life before the child can qualify for such care. Parents and physicians are reluctant to “give up” and admit that the child is terminal within six months, and even though hospice care might be beneficial and improve the quality of care for parents and children, it is difficult to come to that decision. However, Florida was chosen as one of four states to receive funding in the amount of roughly $3 million to try out a pilot program which would grant children diagnosed with a life threatening illness access to hospice care, regardless of the prognosis. Do you think children will benefit from this change in care?

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