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In market there are several different types of insurance plans available. With all these plans, there’s a lot of confusion about how it all works. With a better understanding of the different types available, you should be able to make a more educated decision as to which is the best for your personal family situation. There is an indemnity plan. It is also called a fee-for-service program. You are allowed to choose whatever doctor, hospital, or health care facility of your choice. Your insurance company will pay a certain amount of the costs incurred according to a predetermined fee schedule. The fee schedule simply states at what time the company will pay for certain services, like ambulance services or certain tests. There is a monthly fee, called a premium, to be paid. Most fee for service plans include a high deductible that must be reached before the company will pick up payments. For these reasons, a fee-for-service plan is the most expensive type of insurance to be had.

There are two categories of fee-for-service insurance which are basic and major medical. Basic coverage will pay for things like your hospital room, certain lab tests and x-rays, and any prescription medication. Major medical insurance will pick up when your basic insurance has reached its limit. Major medical coverage is used in the case of any long-term illnesses.

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