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To maintain environment, Health law is necessary .

As Washington politicians continue to battle over the Affordable Care Act almost a year after it was enacted, mostly people are going to implement all the terms to keep the environment clean. Establishing an affordable health insurance exchange through state legislation and educating themselves on the complex law’s provisions.

The federal government projects that as many as 32 million Americans who have no health coverage today could be helped. Some 7 million Californians are estimated to be uninsured, with 184,000 of them living in San Joaquin County (more than 28 percent of the county’s population), according to the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

About four dozen residents came together this month in southeast Stockton to learn more about the law, and how it can help them, their families and neighbors. They also reviewed what needs to be done to ensure that health reform helps the greatest number of people in a region beset by poor health, staggering unemployment and increasing rates of uninsured people.

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