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Health Care Experts Recomend Preparation

Health care experts want to make the children of aging parents aware of preparations which should be taken in case a parent should fall ill or experience an emergency. While children may know a lot of the parent’s basic information, there are a lot of details which can be crucial in an emergency and which their children may not know. Experts say that it’s best to take a few minutes to sit down with their parents and gather this information prior to an emergency. The list of information should include 10 pertinent peices of information including a list of doctor’s names, birthdate, allergies, advance directives (such as what to do in the case of life support, organ donation, etc), major medical problems, medications and supplements currently using, religious beliefs (in case of death), health insurance information, prior surgeries or procedures, lifestyle info (such as tobacco and alcohol use). Knowing these things can quite easily save a life, or in the unfortunate case of death, prevent confusion and arguing among relatives in terms of how to handle funeral arrangements and other difficult tasks. How many people actually know these things about the people they care about, and would be responsible for in an emeregency?

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