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Get over fears and ideals about the health insurance reform

The first step toward realistic health-care reform is to look past the incorrect information. The second step is to look past principles and support compromise. The chance to reform health insurance will not always be available. If it fails this time, it could be hundreds of years before reform is attempted again. Sixty million uninsured people and billions more affected by the system’s flaws can’t afford another failure. First we need to ignore all of the incorrect information that the media and other sources feed us. People fear reform will diminish their choices. That is definitely not the case under any congressional plan. Choice is not even part of the equation. People who have insurance currently and don’t want to change it can continue on just as before. If anything, their choices of affordable health insurance will multiply as well as their choice of care. What do you think? Is there too much incorrect information about the health insurance reform?

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