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Floridian Enjoys Advances of Modern Medicine and Technology

Were it not for the national attention his story garnered, Kasey Edwards would be half the man he is today. Well, an arm short of a whole man anyway. Edwards, who survived an alligator attack while swimming with his friends in South Florida, was lucky to have kept his life however he did suffer the loss of his left arm. Thanks to his story appearing in the local media, he attracted the attention of Troy Farnsworth, a prosthetist of Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics. Farnsworth arranged for Edwards, who had no medical insurance, to be fitted with an i-LIMB, a bionic arm of sorts which reacts to the nerve impulses in his upper arm and allows him to perform most of the tasks his organic arm provided for. Only 350 people in the world currently enjoy the benefits of such a device, as without insurance, it would have cost him over $100,000. Edwards is a good example of how the “young and invincible” feel they have no need for insurance until some type of accident like this occurs. What can be done to educate today’s youth about the importance of health care and what would have happened to Edwards had he not enjoyed the generosity and attention of the right professional?

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