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Florida Hurricanes And Your Health Insurance

Has a Hurricane found your county yet?  I know Duval county was hit pretty hard with a recent tropical storm.  How do Hurricanes play into your insurance (health insurance) premiums?  Will a strong hurricane or tropical storm increase your health insurance premiums?  I guess they only would if many people were injured in your health insurance pool.  Most likely that would not change anything.  On anohter note….

 Did you know that  South Florida doesn’t have a hurricane protection system?  That seems a little strange, don’t you think?  As South Floridians like to say: Ay dios mio! Ike is now scheduled to pass just south of Miami as a Category 4 storm; National Hurricane Center researchers recently concluded that a Cat 4 hitting Miami could cause $70 billion in damage. To use another South Florida-ism: Oy vey! 

You must really put into perspective how many items in this crazy world change insurance, premiums, and other various elements to your various insurance policies.  If you have questions about your insurance policy, be sure to contact your local insurance agent.  Whether that is your health insurance agent, your home insurance agent, or your auto insurance agent.  They can give you the information you will need when Hurricane season comes around.

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