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Florida Group Health Insurance Agency On Charlie Crist Health Plan

What will laid off employees do for their health insurance? Will they take the option for the expensive COBRA plan offered as continuation through Florida state laws? Will the Charlie Crist health plan be a viable option to the COBRA option? It doesn’t seem that way per the latest data from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a nonprofit policy-research group in Washington, D.C., has been looking closely at the Crist plan, says, “The new law passed by the Florida Legislature in May, as a way to reduce the state’s 3.7 million uninsured, is unlikely to work”. Commenting on the report, Moran blasted, “It was bad enough that Florida rewrote its rules on health insurance coverage that would allow insurance companies to offer low-cost plans with limited benefits, but now,” according to Moran, “they limited or excluded common insurance benefits like emergency room visits; who wants to buy insurance that excludes emergency room visits?”

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