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Explaining the Rising Costs of Health Insurance and Care

Retired physician of more than 20 years, Cleaves Bennett, seeks to explain the reasons for today’s skyrocketing health care costs in this country. While he recognizes that this is a tall order, there are certain factors that are plain to see. Bennett places a lot of blame on certain health problems which have come about over the last few decades as a result of society’s bad habits. Fast food, both content and portion sizes, have contributed largely to a number of chronic, expensive, and preventable diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. Another problem are the millions of dollars wasted on needless tests, relatively useless preventative practices, and scores of high tech, highly expensive specialists. The growing knowledge of “risk factors” now drives young and healthy people to the doctor for preventative measures and diagnostic tests which are not necessary. Bennett goes on to suggest drastic measures such as restrictions on processed foods, weight limits at restaraunts and grocery stores, and more. While these are not “politically correct” do you agree with him on some of these efforts at wellness which would reduce disease and therefore health care costs?

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