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Exclusions in a Health Insurance Policy

Exclusion in health insurance means that particular disease is not covered by health insurance policy. Thus, before purchasing any policy it becomes very important to know in detail about the exclusions and it is most significant variable than price. Sometimes it might be happen that a policy is 10% cheaper than a competitor’s policy but might have many more exclusion clauses, in that case the policy with the lesser number of exclusion clauses would be the better choice for the policyholder. Because these exclusions can sometimes put the policyholder in great financial difficulty.

Now we explain with some of the common exclusion clauses in a health insurance policy. In most cases, maternity and maternity related expenses are not covered in an individual or family floater health insurance policy. Maternity is typically covered in a group policy. Pre existing diseases are not covered in a health insurance policy. But this claim creates very much confusion because sometimes policyholder may or may not have been aware of the pre-existing disease. War related health insurance claims are mostly excluded from the policy coverage. But it is not necessary that all companies take these exclusions. All companies have their own exclusion area.

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