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Doctor’s Versus Medicaid

When it comes to deciding what treatment is appropriate and beneficial without being wastefully costly, who should make the call? Doctor’s insist that they are the patient’s advocate and are the experts on what treatment should be used and to what degree. Medicaid officials, however, feel that physicians cannot always be trusted and will try to run up a patient’s bill using all manner of bizarre and uneccessary treatments they deem “medically neccessary.” The case will be decided in a ruling that will affect Florida, Georgia, and Alabama and will set a precedent for the issue. Unfotunately, it may come down to budget, with the states deciding the medical necessity basically depends on how much money is available to pay for the cost of treatment which will likely leave many people with a deficit in care. When people cannot afford their own health insurance and are at the mercy of programs such as Medicaid, what alternative do they have?

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