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Health Plan “Cover Florida” Offers Small Value

A Florida health insurance expert, Morgan Moran, of Florida Health Insurance Web, has little good to say about Governor Charlie Crist’s new Cover Florida Plans. Blasting the plans for being inadequate, confusing, and full of exclusions and provisions, he feels that better plans are already available on the market. The plans were intended to provide affordable coverage to encourage the millions of uninsured Floridians to seek coverage, unfortunately, the plans offer little value for the pricetag and offer no incentive to acquire one. Even if you had coverage and wanted to switch to this, you could not. The policies are only available to those who have been without for 6 months or more. Also, they are available under a variety of insurers and have a number of provisions which Moran feels makes them far too confusing for the average consumer. Do you agree with Morgan Moran on these plans?

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