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You can spend a lot of hours in research when searching for cheap, individual health insurance or even personal family plans that are affordable, and talk with a lot of agents and often still arrive at the same conclusion. In general, there are a dozen or less established, reputable companies that will be available to you in any given location, and you may discover that the rates for similar types of medical plans are very little different. You can save a considerable amount of time if you will receive quotes from several companies, via reputable agents who will contact you, by phone or email, and help you design a plan appropriate for you or your family.

Before buy any policy, the first thing you need to do is educate yourself on the possible options. There is traditional insurance in which you have a deductible and copays and the insurance pays the remainder of the agreed upon amount. A participating doctor will accept the insurance table of diagnostic related groups known as DRGs which tell what each service is allowed based on the geographic region where it is performed. You can visit any doctor or hospital, but a non-participating doctor may not accept the DRG amounts as full payment and may ask you to pay the difference.

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