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CA Senate Bill 810, More Health Related Socialism

San Francisco, CA – Senator Mark Leno ,(D-San Francisco), has draped himself in the health care mantle worn previously by LGBT caucus member Sheila Kuehl. For years Kuehl authored a single payer version of health care coverage. She took it over from former state legislator now Congressman Pete Stark,(D-Fremont).
The current Leno bill is SB 810 Single Payer Health Insurance. This 61 page bill, according to the state legislative analyst’s office carries a $200 million price tag and is filled with approximately 12 layers of state and regional advisory oversight committees along with an appointed Health Czar and all the stakeholder special interest groups it can think of.

The bill has passed the California Senate and is awaiting assignment to an Assembly Committee for hearing. Democrats support it, Republicans do not. One Democrat aide, in an attempt to deflect concern stated that, â??Oh, it?ll pass both houses, but the governor will veto it.â?

This bill, further, creates a clear understanding of the meaning of partnership as expressed in political terms. The government plus groups like Kaiser Health Foundation would have you believe that there is a union, a partnership, a contract between the deliverers of health care and you, the consumer of health care. You and your health care provider are strolling down a pathway to good health and productivity through preventive medicine.

In reality the partnership is between various branches of government joining together to coordinate their pre-planned delivery of services to you the consumer. In this case the partnership is between the departments of Health, Education and Workforce Development.

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