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Are Cover Florida Plans Worthless?

Governor Charlie Crist claims that his new Cover Florida Plans are going to provide the coverage that low income Floridians have been in desperate need of, however, experts are more than skeptical about these claims. For one thing, they are only available to those who have been without coverage for 6 months, or have been recently laid off. Also, the preventative plan offers limited doctor visits and prescription drugs, but people with real need will quickly use up these benefits and are subject to high deductibles and copays. As far as the catostrophic plans go, they offer limited caps for yearly and lifetime benefits, and even those which offer higher caps, the daily caps are very small. People in a real emergency will be subject to a high decductible, and then quickly max out their benefits, leaving those already in financial hardship potentially bankrupt. So the plans will essentially weed out those with the highest needs, and basically fail to satisfy the audience which it claims to target. Do you think there is any worth in these plans, or are the skeptics correct in their criticism?


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