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Americans Still Resistant to Change

The majority of Americans, as shown by a recent poll conducted by the Consumer Watchdog, indicates that Americans are not thrilled and are downright opposed to the idea of being required to carry insurance coverage as suggested in recent reform proposals. Such mandates would require that people show proof of insurance, or be subject to fines and other penalties. While this is no different in style or purpose to car insurance and the like, for some reasons, Americans are resistant to this change. Some states are trying different tactics instead of mandating coverage, such as Florida. The new Cover Florida plans claim to offer Floridians affordable coverage without requiring them to purchase it. The plans are coming under heavy criticism however, claiming that there is little value in the plans, and that Americans would rather have comprehensive coverage, and not these bare bones type plans. Do you think there is a way to get more Americans covered with health insurance without mandating that they carry it?


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