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Affordable Life Insurance

“We’re bigheaded to present this new reasonably priced affordable life insurance solution that meets the needs of people anxious about rising healthcare costs for seniors,” said Marie-Ã?laine Gaudreault, Director of Product Development and Training for Individual Insurance and Annuities. “Since more and more Canadians are exaggerated by diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, our clients are free from worry that they can count up on life insurance that also offers the opportunity of maintaining their excellence of life.”

Life and Serenity 65 is whole life insurance that provides for an additional foundation of income to uphold quality of life in case of loss of independence. As of age 65, the client has access to the life insurance face amount if they are exaggerated by Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, paralysis or defeat of independent survival. Access to the face amount is achieved through payment of a non-taxable monthly advantage equal to 1% of the life insurance amount. In addition, the client is no longer requisite to pay premiums upon analysis of one of the covered medical conditions. And even if the insured person’s journal benefit payments reduce the whole face amount, a death benefit equal to 25% of the initial face quantity will be paid to their heirs-so the entirety advantage could be up to 125%.

By virtue of its long-term care component, Life and Serenity 65 accompanies people throughout their lifetime. In the event of a loss of independence, it gives them the means they need to acquire indispensable care without using up their withdrawal savings or becoming a financial load on their loved ones.

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