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Affordable life insurance

Protective Life Insurance Company and West Coast Life Insurance Company announced today the discharge of two new inventive universal life insurance products. Protective Secure-T and WCL Secure-T are universal life insurance foodstuffs that offer term-like, assured premiums for periods of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. Secure-T is considered to meet the needs of today’s value-conscious customers who need inexpensive coverage for a particular duration.
The Secure-T products are exclusive in that the premiums are reasonable, like conventional term products, yet offer built-in tumble fortification, with the ability to expand coverage beyond the initial level premium period. At the 25- and 30-year security periods, premiums are 13-16% lower, depending on compensation mode, than their earlier traditional term product counterparts. Unlike traditional term products with a 30 day grace period, Secure-T features a more consumer-friendly 61 day elegance period. Secure-T also offers additional suppleness that is not presented throughout the traditional level premium term insurance product.
“Secure-T was created as an easy, reasonable solution for customers and small business owners who need low-cost fortification for a shorter period of time,” says John Deremo, Senior Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer of Protective Life. “Consumers will be enchanted to find that this new product offers lower rates in most situations.”
“Today’s budgets may be stiff, but that doesn’t transform a family’s need for sufficient insurance coverage,” Deremo continued. “That’s why Secure-T just makes intelligence for today’s consumer. They get the reasonable coverage they need today, while defensive their family’s future.”
Affordable Life Insurance Company and West Coast Life Insurance Company help to supply financial security through insurance and investment products. For over one hundred years, these significant companies have remained true to the core values of quality, serving people and enlargement. This steadfast commitment to treating people the way we would like to be treated has been satisfied with stable, long-term relationships and enlargement.

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