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Federally qualified health centers have provided affordable, high-quality, cost-effective health care to millions of Americans who would otherwise go without essential services. They also provide enormous economic benefits to communities and result in a substantial savings in taxpayer dollars. Health centers — are open to all people regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay. Patients with multiple sclerosis have started receiving help from Medicare’s new prescription drug program, which includes up to a 50% discount on covered medications. Under the new program in the Affordable Care Act, beneficiaries can now qualify for half off brand-name medications bought while patients are caught in the so-called Medicare donut hole or coverage gap. Patients with multiple sclerosis have been particularly hard hit by the problem.

The private insurance companies would not be able to ration health care for profit without a federal law protecting the companies from malpractice lawsuits. The medical coding program classifies diseases, treatments and diagnoses in the form of internationally defined, six-digit codes. The purpose of this classification is to provide WHO member states, health care providers, organizers and researchers with a common tool for reporting and analyzing the distribution and evolution of health interventions for statistical purposes.

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